Good Night and Good Luck!

Downtown Phoenix and specifically cycling in Phoenix is continuing to grow and be promoted by local bloggers and community organizations like Light Rail BloggerRoosevelt Row and the downtown Phoenix group.

As proud as I was to be, however briefly, a part of that group, I am closing down this blog. My husband and I have embarked on a long term travel adventure and are not sure if and when we will return to Phoenix. We are blogging about our travels which I expect to feature bicycles from time to time. 

I wish all my best to the Phoenix community and all of my friends and neighbors who make Phoenix a wonderful place to live! 


If you live in downtown Phoenix (or even if you don't), you should check out the Rusty Spoke Bicycle Initiative. They are "a collective of members and participants that are interested in many things; all related to the benefits of the bicycle to building a socially responsible community." They have a brand new website and location - check them out!

Bull in the China Shop

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Title referring to the assertion by Copenhagenize that it's the cars that are the problem, stupid!...


Cycling is Exciting

My husband and I got caught in a dust storm last night coming home from the gym on our bikes. For those of you who don't know what a dust storm looks like, here is an example:

Ok, so maybe it looked more like this:

Sometimes cycling is an adventure.

Photos courtesy of bowers95713 and cobalt123


Bike Italy!

Is anyone else following the husband and wife team over at Path Less Pedaled? I found them about a month ago and have been living vicariously through them ever since. They are touring around the country on their bicycles, meeting interesting people and having adventures.

And it appears that cycle touring is becoming more mainstream. Lonely Planet is getting in on the action (again) with new guides for Britain, France and Italy. I can't wait to get my hands on one (or three).

Bicycle photo courtesy of killermonkey


Used Wheels Available Now!

Is anyone in the market for a new bike? There are currently some great deals on craigslist. With a little TLC and a few things added to them, they could be fabulous!

Vintage Sears All-Sport 3 Speed: $75

Schwinn Suburban Bike: $95

Western Flyer Fairway 3 speed: $40


Save the Planet...

If you are in the mood for a biting, hilarious commentary on modern cycling*, click here. You won't be disappointed!

Photo courtesy of La Xtina

*Thanks to Copenhagenize for the link.