Good Night and Good Luck!

Downtown Phoenix and specifically cycling in Phoenix is continuing to grow and be promoted by local bloggers and community organizations like Light Rail BloggerRoosevelt Row and the downtown Phoenix group.

As proud as I was to be, however briefly, a part of that group, I am closing down this blog. My husband and I have embarked on a long term travel adventure and are not sure if and when we will return to Phoenix. We are blogging about our travels which I expect to feature bicycles from time to time. 

I wish all my best to the Phoenix community and all of my friends and neighbors who make Phoenix a wonderful place to live! 


  1. Goodbye, PCC! You will be missed!

  2. Aww.. I'm sad you're leaving but glad we had the opportunity to meet! Good luck in your adventures!

  3. Thanks, Jonathan! :)

    Thanks, Tony! Keep up the good work - we miss Phoenix already seeing all of the great things happening!

  4. Take care my friends in your new ventures.

  5. Take care and good luck into your new ventures.

  6. hi guys

    couldn´t find a contact email, i hope you don´t mind i contact you posting a comment...

    i´m jaime, from spanish brand peSeta and i just wanted to share with you this short film we´ve made about our latest collaboration:
    a series of bike caps made by a bicycle attached to a sewing machine for the New Museum of NYC shop...
    we´re really excited about it and thought you might like it as well...


    thank you very much and cheers


  7. gonna missin' you by everybody here.