Anatomy of a CB: Kickstands

Let's get back to what makes up a great city bike.

Today, we're going to talk about kickstands. I consider a kickstand a necessity. Why? Because using my bike as transportation rather than for sport means that it needs to be comfortable and convenient.

You have two options with kickstands.


Photo courtesy of brianhef
Photo courtesy of Shawn Econo
Photo courtesy of aperture_lag

and Dual:

Photo courtesy of Jeff Youngstrom
Photo courtesy of sfbike
Photo courtesy of st_heave

I have the single but would love to try the double. Which style have you used? Which do you prefer?


  1. I love flicking my kickstand down in my high heels. For some reason, it makes me feel extra feminine.

  2. I can just see it in my mind, using the long heel to hook the kickstand and bringing it gracefully to the ground. Definitely the definition of cycle chic!!