Brring, Brring

I'm in the mood to post some pretty pictures so we're going to talk about bells today.

Here are some pretty pictures of bells:

Photo courtesy of jek in the box

Photo courtesy of Tavallai

Photo courtesy of bearklektor

Bike bells are handy. It's good to be able to communicate your presence. Sure you can yell "On Your Left" every time you go by someone but isn't it so much nicer to alert them with a nice little chime from your pretty bell?

To see how this works in the real world, check out this awesome video at Copenhagenize.


  1. I have fairly traditional bike bells on both my bikes and I love them. I much prefer dinging the bell to alert my presence than yelling out, especially in the morning when I come upon still sleepy dog walkers.

  2. As it turns out, the thief who took my bike (check following post) also made off with my too cool for school bell that I got at Target. The design on the top: I <3 my mom - is this an easily identifiable feature for detectives as they comb pawn shops... or did I help make the crook appear more believable to the pawn shop owner as he sold my bike and made off with the money? Hmm...

  3. She Rides a Bike - I'm am so dreaming of cool Flagstaff mornings with sleepy dog walkers!! I'm sure they appreciate the pretty ding. :)

    Tony - What a cool bell! It probably made the thief more obvious when he was selling it because everyone knows that thieves DO NOT love their mothers. Grr.