How Often Do You Experience TP?

Is the economy making you sweat? Are you just not finding as much money to frequent brothels as you used to? In Berlin, brothels are providing discounts to patrons arriving on bicycle.

Meanwhile, in Phoenix...not only do companies not provide incentives to cyclists, but there is a penalty in the form of Transportation Prejudice (TP).

My husband ran into TP this weekend after taking advantage of the new late weekend light rail hours. Exiting the train at 2:30am, he decided he wanted a snack before going home. But thanks to TP, it took him an hour and four establishments before this simple task was completed.

Here are the three establishments that did not serve him food in the drive-through (the main restaurant being closed) because he was on his bicycle.

Photo courtesy of whoohoo120

Photo courtesy of strangely

Photo courtesy of strangely
His treatment varied from polite explanation that it was against company policy to hiding, ignoring, staring and calling the police.

He ended up getting food at Filibertos whose main restaurant was open and who were happy to have his business and his bike in their establishment.

Photo courtesy of Rail Life

Photo courtesy of Jonathan Boeke
Do you have any recommendations on cycling friendly establishments? Have you ever experienced TP?


  1. Went to Local Breeze the other day for lunch (4th ave & Fillmore). They give a 10% discount for riding a bike. Of course, they're not open at 2:30 a.m.

  2. Evan - thanks for the tip!! That is awesome!

  3. Just heard of a new organization that adresses this issue: Transportation Equity - transportationequity.org.

  4. I'm guessing it's an insurance issue? If a car slams into Jonathan in the drive-thru, maybe the restaurant is liable? Who knows... next time just stop at Jack 'in the Box on Mill.. they have a separate, 24 hour window for peds / bikies.

  5. Christa - thanks for the link! I'm going to keep my eye on them!

    Dave -

    That's great that there IS a fast food restaurant that has a bike drive-thru...now if only they would build one in Phoenix.

    And I do agree that it's probably an issue of liability, regardless of how low of a risk it is and how minor of an injury it would be. But the over-use of litigation in our society is a conversation for another day...

  6. That is crazy. I wonder why I don't have problems using the drive through at the bank. How backward can you get? I could draw a comparison between this and the State Leg but I need to be more positive. Or so I am told. (heavy sigh)