Let's Meet in the Middle!

I'd start walking your way
You'd start walking mine
We'd meet in the middle
'neath that old Georgia pine
We'd gain a lot of ground
'cause we'd both give a little
And there ain't no road to long
When you meet in the middle

Diamond Rio
"Meet in the Middle"

I've been thinking a lot about the topic posed by the Light Rail Blogger and the discussion that has ensued. I would like to propose a compromise:

Folding Bikes!

I know, genius, right? With folding bikes, we could fit more people and more bikes on each train with less friction between cyclists and pedestrians. Problem solved!

Now I'm not proposing that everyone get rid of their bikes and go out and buy new ones or that this is the only acceptable option. I'm just suggesting that it enter our collective consciousness and simmer there for awhile. Perhaps when it's time for a new bike, you consider a folding option as one of your choices. Or perhaps you are in the market for a new bike right now. Consider a folding bike!

There are lots of options out there but these were the prettiest ones I found (this is a cycle chic blog after all...):

Ciao!P8 bicycle from Dahon
Weight: 31.7 lbs
Folded size: 13.3" x 28.9" x 25.7"
Folding time: 15 seconds
Sold at Landis Cyclery, Bicycle Haus and REI Tempe

GlideP8 bicycle from Dahon
Weight: 34.2 lbs
Folded size: 12.9" x 31.6" x 26.9"
Folding time: 15 seconds
Sold at Landis Cyclery, Bicycle Haus and REI Tempe

What's more, these babies are not only pretty but equipped with essential town bike features: pannier rack, chainguard, kickstand, mudguards and a dynamo powered front light.

That's what I call a sweet compromise.


  1. omg.. I love you and I don't even know you. :) This post is great! The folding bike is an excellent option.
    Actually, once it cools down about 20 degrees, I can ride my skateboard!
    Thanks so much for contributing to the conversation and helping clear the air in Phoenix.

  2. Thanks, Tony! I hadn't considered skateboards!! That is even smaller than a folding bike!