Tonight is Night Rail! Will You Be There?

Copenhagenize (and Newsweek and msnbc) recently wrote about demotorization. In Japan, auto sales are decreasing as people are choosing bicycles and public transportation over cars.

Photo courtesy of Vitoden

But demotorizing doesn't need to be an all or none proposition. Perhaps you demotorize one day a month or one day a week. Even these small changes can save you money and increase the quality of your day.

So how about demotorizing tonight?

At 10pm tonight, your friends, neighbors and local bloggers will be meeting at Monti's and Maizies (Central and Camelback Light Rail Station) for the first ever Night Rail.

Photo courtesy of Michael Ruiz

Will you be there?


  1. Very cool stuff! See ya there!

  2. Thanks for organizing it!! I had a great time!

  3. I totally agree with you when it comes to reducing the number of trips by car. Even one day a week..can make such a huge difference. And many times there's a health benefit for you when you ride a bike or walk instead of driving.
    Valley Metro's ShareTheRide program just announced it kept 1 million pounds of pollution out of the sky because more and more people are chosing more responsible forms of transportation in the Valley