Photo courtesy of r.f.m ll

I started out writing this post as another reminder to follow the traffic rules when cycling. But what I found when I started digging around news articles from around the country is that there is a whole lot of animosity towards cyclists.

Part (all?) of this animosity comes from cyclists not obeying the law and riding responsibly. That is indeed one of my biggest pet peeves both as a cyclist and as a driver. But does it seem to be more than that to any of you? It seems like cyclists really piss people off. Why is that?


  1. I think that people who are aggressive and negative towards cyclists feel threatened in some way by people transporting themselves on bicycle. They view it as a sport-thing, maybe, or a child-thing, and not as a lifestyle thing. It's frustrating, yes, but the only way to beat it is to keep working towards more and more of a presence in the community...