Bicycle Eye Candy

A bicycle is a thing of beauty. See below for some fine specimens spotted around downtown Phoenix.

Photo courtesy of Melissa Hartley
Waiting for a latte at Copper Star Coffee.

Playing hard to get at the Arizona Center.

Dreaming of Diego Rivera at the Phoenix Art Museum.

Photo courtesy of Jonathan Boeke
Chilling in front of the Lost Leaf Bar and Gallery in Roosevelt Row.

In closing, thank you to Copenhagen Cycle Chic for sending traffic our way! If you haven't checked them out, you should definitely do so. They are one of my favorite blogs!


  1. Hi there, nice start to your blog. Looking forward to updates.

    I wonder if cycling in the heat is an issue in Phoenix. I've cycled in 100+ and found it pretty enjoyable.

  2. Christa - The heat usually only bothers me when I'm out in the middle of the day in the direct sun. The insta-breeze from the forward movement keeps it pleasant. Thanks for your comment!