Letter to Mayor Gordon

Photo courtesy of Jonathan Boeke

Dear Mayor Gordon,

It is with great hope that we write to you today. We are the people of downtown Phoenix. We are the faithful, the hopeful, the cycleful. And we have a special request for you:

Can you please put in more bike racks?

In case you haven't noticed, we are growing in number. The new light rail has increased our range and we are cycling, even in the heat, to the grocery store, the coffee shops, bars and restaurants, to the library, museum and ballet.

Can you do this for us? Maybe just a few for now with the promise of more to come? We know that you believe in us because you gave us light rail. Which we like. A lot.

If you do this for us, we will try really hard to ride on the correct side of the street.


Your Friends in Downtown Phoenix


  1. oh, I would sign this letter in a heartbeat.

  2. i concur! i put a temporary bike rack in front of for use on first friday and the DOT made me remove it! it was big enough for 20 bikes and not in the way of anything either.

  3. Any luck with this?? We need more bike racks (and a light rail) here in Charleston!

  4. String and wax - I posted the link for this post on Mayor Gordon's twitter page and plan to print it out and send it in the mail as well. Your comment will be added as a signature!

    shopdevious - I can't believe that! I can only hope that kind of policy is on it's way out. BTW, your shop looks awesome and your wigs are amazing!! I'll definitely be checking you out.

    charlestoncyclechic - I love Charleston!! No luck yet with additional racks but I have high hopes for us (and you!)!