One of These is Not Like the Other

I went to see "Malls R Us" last night at Modified Arts, hosted by the fabulous No Festival Required. It got me thinking about the types of experiences I have on a daily basis and crystallized for me one of the reasons I love "life cycling" (as opposed to "sport cycling"). See if you can tell what it is based on the photo comparisons below.

Photo courtesy of Joe Shlabotnik

Photo courtesy of woodleywonderworks

Photo courtesy of Janice Sarver
Cycling is an authentic experience. Sometimes it is uncomfortable (right now, cycling involves sweating and a lot of water) but it is, in the end, satisfying. And not in the "I'm saving the earth by not producing harmful emissions" kind of way (although that is true) but in the "I waved to my neighbors and felt the breeze on my face and smelled the breakfast cooking at Matt's Big Breakfast" kind of way.

It's said that it's the little things in life that count. I'll take the breeze on my face any day.


  1. Wow. What a great comment. Smelling bacon and catching the breeze. I couldn't agree more. I love the morning quiet on my commute and catching a glimpse of finches and mountain blue birds. I agree that the little things count the most.

    Riding in 108 degree heat must be hell, though. I was just in the Valley on Sunday and was stunned at the temperature different.

  2. When I first bought my bike, I took the light rail over to Tempe, and on the return I rode my bike back part way.
    Heading to Phoenix, I never realized I would encounter an uphill road!! Yep, near the zoo. Keep in mind I have not used a bike since I was a kid.
    So I'm huffin' and puffin', trying to make it up the hill. My brain was was telling me not to give up, but my legs were saying something else.
    Long story short, it was a tough climb!! Or I'm out of shape. Or Both. In any event, I made it up the hill with such a sense of accomplishment. I looked over my shoulder and thought 'This tiny little desert hill almost kicked my butt.' Almost.
    The ride was good for my self esteem, and made me appreciate the benefits of cycling. :)

  3. She Rides A Bike - I'm VERY jealous of your weather right now. Actually, I'm always jealous of Flagstaff and get up there as much as I can!

    Tony - I've been on that hill before and it's just so loooong of a climb! It makes it a bit painful. But worth it, for sure!